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Music Workshops for 2018

  • Jack Norton             Improvisation                                    18 March
  • Luke Watt                Folk/blues picking                             15 April
  • Chris Harold            Soloing & song writing for guitarists  20 May
  • David Krycer           Gypsy Swing                                     17 June
  • Skip Sail                  Slide guitar                                        15 July
  • Dean Richards        Guitar pedals                                     19 August  
  • Lloyd Dodsworth     Finger picking & song writting           16 September
  • Norm Gray              Vocalising a jazz standard                 21 October
  • Justin Bernasconi   Finger picking open tuning slide        18 November
  • Sean Kenan            Irish fiddle                                          16 December

Enquiries: (e) johnhannah@sctelco.net.au

Getting to our Region


Easily located in Central Victoria, the region is less than 90 minutes north west of Melbourne and conveniently accessed by road and rail.

Stunning villages and towns are located close by, making the region an ideal base from which to explore Central Victoria.

For town maps, please click on the 'By Car' tab.