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Phee Broadway Foyer

Start: Sat 3rd Feb. | End: Fri 30th March

The exhibition is a response to a key Christian narrative traditionally celebrated on 6th August and to the atomic destruction of Hiroshima on 6th August 1945.

The biblical narrative (Mark 8) depicts Jesus of Nazareth deciding to go south to Jerusalem to confront the powers there at the cost of his life by crucifixion. His course of action is confirmed on a mountain where he shines with brilliant light. His three disciples fall as if dead.

The brilliant flash of light experienced in the nuclear explosions was described as bright as thousand suns.

The double focus of the exhibition brings together the brutal death of Jesus in his confrontation with powers that oppress and destroy, and the claim that his ‘light’ has the power to transform life. The paintings depict both the suffering world and transformations.

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