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Event Calendar

Upstairs 22 Gallery

Start: Sat 27th April | End: Sat 25th May

Denise’s projects are often inspired by personal cycles or transitions in life.

These portraits began as a way to celebrate the end of secondary schooling for my son.

Playing with the idea of the Victorian Era portrait, which was usually commissioned to commemorate special occasions and rites of passage.

Students in their final year of highschool where invited to bring objects from their childhood or early teens that represent what they were really into, what was important to them. Each teen then chose a selection of fabrics to hang as a backdrop and arranged their special objects on various pedestals to ultimately create a theatre of memory, a theatre of identity.

Website: www.denisejmartin.net

Getting to our Region


Easily located in Central Victoria, the region is less than 90 minutes north west of Melbourne and conveniently accessed by road and rail.

Stunning villages and towns are located close by, making the region an ideal base from which to explore Central Victoria.

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