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Caspa, Above Stonemans Bookshop

Start: Fri 2nd Aug. | End: Sun 25th Aug.

Missjonesroses is a performance based project by Jan Palethorpe and Melissa Scott. Miss Susan Jones was the face of Ansett-ANA in a major advertising campaign in 1967. She was 22 and from Balwyn, Victoria when she was sent on a promotional tour. A Susan Jones EP was produced, sung by John Farnham.

Miss Jones (according to the promotional material) could “serve a gin and tonic, stop a nose-bleed, massage a bruised ego, distract children, quietly put a pillow under your head, light your cigarette, hand you your paper—and how to say the word that cheers you after you’ve had one hell of a day.”

In November 1967, Ansett-ANA ran a new advertisement “Whoever you are, please stop sending our Miss Jones roses”, as the airline was losing too many hostesses to marriage.

This project is an attempt to critique the life of two would be air hostesses, the demands and restrictions placed on women in the industry and society.

Phone: 0427 223 358 | Email: emailmelissajscott@gmail.com | Website: www.castlemainefringe.org.au/caspagallery

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