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Maldon Museum

Start: Sat 22nd April 1:30 p.m. | End: Sat 20th May 4:30 p.m.

During the 2017 Heritage Festival explore the post-WW2 'marching girls' phenomenon through the stories of Maldon's own marching teams. Event dates - 22 and 29 Apr, 6,13,14 and 20 May.

Memories, ephemera and photographs tell of adventure, discipline and team spirit as Maldon's girls strutted their stuff at competitions, community events and Maldon's celebrated Easter parade.

The 'marching girl' movement was formed in the late 1930s to promote young women's fitness. By the 1960s the movement was a highly competitive national sport often drawing large crowds of spectators. Although its popularity declined by the 1980s as new activities competed for limited leisure time, the story lives on.

Phone: 03 5475 2883 | Email: president@maldonmuseum.com.au | Website: www.maldonmuseum.com.au

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