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Old Castlemaine Gaol

Start: Sat 14th July 11 a.m. | End: Sun 15th July 5 p.m.

This Model Show will have a specialist automotive theme in keeping with Castlemaine’s reputation as Street Rod Capital of Australia and a Specialty Automotive Centre
What is an “Auto Model”?

A scale impression of a land driven, engine powered wheeled road vehicle including a car, truck or motorcycle (and specifically excluding a plane, boat, train, bicycle or horse drawn vehicle) up to 1:2 scale (eg up to half size!). The model must be built by or substantially modified by the entrant

Models may be from a variety of vehicle types including (but not limited to) street rods, customs, classics, European, circuit racing, speedway racing, drag racing, Aussie Muscle Cars, American, Japanese, Military, Trucks & Commercial and Motorcycles

This Auto Model Show is not a pure “NNL” Show – and it’s not a full competition show. It’s somewhere in between – a relaxed gathering of modellers and their families in a town that embraces car culture and a chance to display your latest or greatest creation. There will be some prizes but each of them will be “judged” by unqualified judges with no prior experience and against no published criteria. The judge’s decision is final!

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Getting to our Region


Easily located in Central Victoria, the region is less than 90 minutes north west of Melbourne and conveniently accessed by road and rail.

Stunning villages and towns are located close by, making the region an ideal base from which to explore Central Victoria.

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